Tuesday, 11 December 2012

"Artists mentoring others, it makes the community stronger,"

Artists helping artists
Visiting artist offers advice about how to implement mentorship program
Nicole Garbutt
Northern News Services
Published Tuesday, December 11, 2012
"... "Artists mentoring others, it makes the community stronger," Spackman said. "They are not art classes but community builders and can give voice to established artists, as well as bring those closeted artists out of the corner into a safe space."
The core of the program is critique.
"The largest concern I hear from artists is they are not getting realistic critique," Spackman said.
"At home they either hear that everything they make is amazing, which they know it isn't, or they are told to get a real job. Neither is helpful to grow."
The mentorship program is an independent project designed for the community, not for any single arts organization, she said, it is a way to bridge the gaps and competition that some groups might have.
The Aurora Arts Society funded Spackman's trip North. Society members are discussing options for monitoring the administrative side of the program, but a decision about implementing the program will probably not be made until January, according to society president Marcus Jackson.
"We will be looking at it as a board and deciding. The open studio will most likely be implemented regardless of if we take it on or not," Jackson said...."
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