Saturday, 9 June 2012

VOTE TARA! Join me in supporting Yellowknife's own Tara Newbigging

VOTE TARA! Join me in supporting Yellowknife's own Tara Newbigging, who is competing for a national BDC prize for young entrepreneurs.
Just go to the following link
and vote for Tara Newbigging and Fit 2 the T.
Tara is representing the Yukon, NWT and Nunavut.

Life-changing wellness

Building on the fitness wave that it has sparked in Yellowknife, Fit 2 the T aims to bring life-changing health benefits to other remote northern communities. In addition to in-person visits and workshops to introduce fitness events in smaller locations, Fit 2 the T also plans to develop a strong Web presence with enhancements like live streaming, webcast capabilities and access to live and taped web-based educational materials. "Life in remote communities can be hard on people and they try to find ways to cope," says Tara. "We want to show everybody that change can happen with minimal fitness resources."

Empowering remote communities

It's no secret that regular physical activity can help people prevent or manage health issues like heart disease and diabetes, but it's also a powerful mood and energy booster. "I've had the chance to visit some of these communities, where the need is great," adds Tara. "You don't need big fancy gyms and equipment; you just need a motivator who can inspire change. With the right technology components in place, I could fly out to remote areas, host workshops to get people going and reconnect with them via online tools."

Vote to give Fit 2 the T the tools to build wellness

"Fit 2 the T started out in the North four years ago as a small personal training company and it has grown into a major fitness wave," says Tara. "I love getting up every day and making people feel better, and I know I have so much more to offer. Vote for Fit 2 the T to help give remote northern communities the tools for a healthier lifestyle."

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