Saturday, 16 June 2012

Donations for the flooded community of Nahanni Butte #NWT

Bea Lepine writes on Facebook from Hay River, NWT.... on Saturday June 16th, 2012
"....Flood donations for the flood community of Nahanni Butte - [...] need to get the word out to help the people of Nahanni Butte, ! I spoke to Alison De Pelham today who is acting band Manager for Nahanni Butte. She suggests cash donations at this stage - no idea yet what people will need when they return home and no place to store anything that we do donate at this stage. The people in Fort Simpson are helping with donations to tide the Nahanni Butte people over until they are able to return home. There is a trust account set up in the Fort Simpson CIBC - It is called Nahanni Butte Trust. If anyone in Hay River or anywhere wants to make a cash donation please make a deposit to the trust account at your local CIBC branch. For those organizing helping efforts in the different centres, would probably be helpful to contact Alison first - (867) 695-2990....
Tim Hortons in YK is accepting cash donations too!.."

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