Thursday, 19 April 2012

Pathways to Prosperity: Northern Governance & Economy Conference in Yellowknife NWT & Funding Opportunity: PhD Student

Pathways to Prosperity: Northern Governance and Economy Conference in Yellowknife NWT

 The purpose of the conference is to:

  • Bring together Indigenous and Northern business leaders, policy makers, and social activists with academics working on Indigenous and Northern issues for information exchange and networking;
  • Vision how political institutions could change to better accommodate shifting governance authorities (land claim, self government, devolution) to create social and economic stability;
  • Vision concrete partnerships, mechanisms and strategic goals essential for actioning change toward social and economic stability and prosperity.


Business and social issues advocates often operate in solitude, or speak about each other but rarely have forums to work together. The exception is Indigenous governments and businesses: in the NWT these are often established through land claims capital, and a purpose of Indigenous businesses is to promote social and economic opportunity for its membership. The impact of land claim businesses, the employment, profit and community development opportunities they generate, and their influence in the social sphere extends beyond Indigenous peoples to affect the broader NWT economy and citizens. Participants will have time to reflect on NWT political institutions' roles in creating social and business stability and prosperity, and how policies of and changes in those institutions might improve the socio-economic landscape.


Funding Opportunity: PhD Student – Northern Governance and Economy - Northern Governance and Economy Conference
Application Deadline: May 04, 2012

Fox Consulting
Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox, PhD
PO Box 962
Yellowknife, NT
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