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Ecology North

Welcome to the Ecology North Website!

Ecology North is a charitable, non-profit organization based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada that was formed in 1971 to support sound environmental decision-making on an individual, community and regional level.

Ecology North's programs focus on three priorities: public education and awareness, climate change, and sustainable living. A common thread throughout all of the Ecology North programming is an emphasis on environmental, social and community well-being.

Ecology North maintains collaborative partnerships with a number of other local community and educational organizations to promote public education, sustainable living and climate change adaptation and mitigation.


EN News: March 5, 2012.


  1. Opportunities for Involvement at Ecology North
  2. Oversight at Giant Mine
  3. Energy Action Awards - You Deserve Recognition
  4. Amazing Family Sundays
  5. Dechinta Bush University: Sustainable Communities short-course, march9-11.
  6. Canadian Roots Exchange - Exchanges Unite Us
  7. News Flash from Staff


1. Opportunities for Involvement at Ecology North

Are you interested in becoming more involved in Ecology North? Ever thought of becoming a board member?  If you'd like to learn more of this opportunity, contact Jennifer Dagg at jenniferdagg01@gmail.com


2. Oversight at Giant Mine

Forever is a long time to be keeping watch over arsenic at Giant Mine. Are you concerned about who will be watching over remediation and perpetual care at the Giant Mine?

Alternatives North is hosting a public discussion on community oversight or whether there should be a watchdog at the Giant Mine. On Tuesday March 6th at 7:00 PM at the Visitors Centre.  Examples from Montana, the Ekati diamond mine and elsewhere will be discussed.

Everyone is welcome.  For more information, call 920-2765.


3. Energy Action Awards - You Deserve Recognition

Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) would like to personally thank you for taking action on Energy and Climate Change.  Your initiative deserves recognition!

AEA awards Energy Action Awards to people like you for taking action on energy and climate change.  If you know someone deserving please consider nominating them for the award.

The nomination form is attached here for the 2012 Energy Action Awards . Please consider nominating someone you think deserves the recognition.


4. Amazing Family Sundays

Water, Water, Everywhere - March 11, 2012 2-4 pm
Launch Canada Water Week with an afternoon of watery tales, activities, games and information. This year's theme is "Discover Your Water Footprint". It will be an ocean of fun!  For a complete list of Amazing Family Sunday events click here.


5. Dechinta Bush University: Sustainable Communities short-course, march9-11. 

Sustainable Communities 101 is a short course march 9-11, 2012.  Critical information for community members involved in areas of sustainable development, environment, community health, self-government and self-determination.   Space for 25, call toll free 1-877-388-2874 to register or register online www.dechinta.ca/short-courses/ Course fee is $400 and includes airfare from Yellowknife to Dechinta at Blachford Lake Lodge, room, board and course materials. Dechinta: Arm your self with knowledge! www.dechinta.ca


6. Canadian Roots Exchange - Exchanges Unite Us

Ever thought that a week long road trip could change our country? We did. Still do, actually.

We are the Canadian Roots Exchange - a week long road trip that takes First Nations, Inuit, Metis and non-Indigenous Canadians around Canada's provinces to visit and learn from our country's Indigenous communities. Together we engage in the teachings, triumphs and daily realities of Inuit, First Nations and Metis communities in Canada. Most importantly, as we travel, eat and live together we work to break down stereotypes, open a dialogue, and build honest relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people living on this land.

Please feel free to pass this on to aboriginal and non aboriginal youth ages 18-30 who may be interested.  The NWT, Denendeh exchanges will take place June 15-25 and August 14-24.

For more information or to apply check out : www.canadianroots.ca


7. News Flash From Staff

Can you imagine in your community?...

Community and household chicken coops, vegetable gardens behind every house, market gardens that provide meaningful local employment (and produce 45 tonnes of food in a season!), tipi-shaped greenhouses, dairy goats used to provide milk for making cheese and soap...

What do all of these ideas have in common?   ...They are all examples of innovative projects that have been created and implemented by people in northern Manitoba communities through their provincial "Northern Healthy Foods Initiative".  Check out the following link for more details on this inspiring and creative program that includes many ideas that would be relevant and applicable for the NWT:

Northern Healthy Foods Initiative   http://www.gov.mb.ca/ana/nhfi.html

This past week, Shannon felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Winnipeg to attend a conference and workshops that highlighted projects to increase local food production and food security in rural, northern and remote Manitoba communities.  Shannon was very grateful to the Manitoba Northern Healthy Foods Initiative and Health Canada for suggesting she attend, and providing financial support to make it possible.

The primary objectives in attending were to learn from Manitoba's efforts in the realm of local food production and food security, and to build links with northern Manitoba communities.  This learning and the connections made will continue to support the growing momentum in local food production that is happening here in the NWT!


On another note, if anyone has clear plastic salad/lettuce/spinach containers, we are happily collecting them to help with the up-coming growing season. Please wash, and bring to the Ecology North Office. If you have any questions contact us at admin@ecologynorth.ca

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