Friday, 28 October 2011


Patrick Kane [] on behalf of Frozen Eyes Photographic
Society has requested distribution of the following job posting:

FEPS Executive Director Position

Frozen Eyes Photographic Society has an opening for an Executive
Director position.

The job description is attached.

The deadline for applications is Monday, Nov 7 at 9 a.m.

Patrick Kane
Photography, Up Here Publishing Ltd.,
800, 4920-52nd Ave.
Yellowknife, NT, Canada
X1A 3T1


  • The Executive Director is given the delegated authority by the Board of Directors to provide leadership and management in support of the vision, mandate and objectives of Frozen Eyes Photographic Society.

  • The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors, by providing overall direction and co-ordination necessary for the effective and efficient delivery of all programs and services of Frozen Eyes Photographic Society. This will include but is not limited to administering the "Youth Take Charge" project, funded by the Department of Heritage Canada, and other current programs and services, as well as any other sources of funding we may access in future.

Program and Service Delivery
  • Lead the day to day operations of the Society. Plan, formulate and manage "Youth Take Charge" and other ongoing projects. Coordinate board members, contractors, staff and volunteers to meet project deadlines. Continually work to foster a strong youth membership and maintain good standing relationships with schools and organizations throughout the Northwest Territories (NWT). Develop the necessary policies for such programs and services, in order to further the objectives of the Society by working closely with the Board.
  • Ensure that the Society is in good standing with Legal Registries and government departments; this would include ensuring that obligations with government taxation authorities are kept up-to-date. Identify resources needed to achieve the goals of the Society through project timelines and work-plans in conjunction with the Board. Attend all Board meetings. Encourage team building by facilitating open communication and a positive working relationship with the Board, contractors and volunteers. Identify and obtain needed supplies and equipment for FEPS.

2 Fundraising and Financial Responsibilities
  • Seek and obtain funding from government at all levels and other bodies including, but not limited to, foundations, community organizations, corporations and business groups for use in the Society's programs and services. This includes seeking new funding sources annually, to maintain and expand programming.
  • Ensure that the Society's programs and services generate revenue for FEPS whenever appropriate. Monitor existing sources of funding (ensuring that all reporting requirements are met) such as grants, contributions, and in-kind donations and work with key organizations to maintain annual funding.
  • Identify and research on-going and alternative funding opportunities for the Society and generate proposals for contributions and grant funding. Administer the funds of the Society according to the budget approved by the Board.
  • Work in conjunction with the President and the Treasurer with regard to all financial issues. Ensure financial documents are maintained on an on-going basis.
  • Maintain accurate book-keeping procedures as outlined by Society policies and procedures.
  • Complete all necessary reports as required by the Society.

3 Public Relations
  • Act as an advocate for the Society and promote community awareness for its programs and services throughout the NWT. Participate in networking and community relations activities on behalf of the Society.
  • In conjunction with the Board, serve as media liaison for the Society and promote its programs and services. Maintain constant communication with partner organizations and related groups.
  • Maintain good standing relationships with sponsors, funders, and other community organizations. Provide an annual Executive Director Report at the Annual General Meeting.

  • The Executive Director is hired by the Human Resources Committee through an as-needed competition. The Executive Director is a part-time position which will be occupied by the selected candidate until the end of their contract term, or they resign from the position, or are terminated by the Board of Directors.

  • This job description is to be reviewed every six months by the Human Resources Committee with any and all changes brought forward for discussion and vote by the Board of Directors.

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