Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Indigenous Film Fellowship (IFF)

Indigenous Film Fellowship (IFF) will offer a two-year program that will partner emerging indigenous film talent with notable and established filmmakers world-wide

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The first year of the program will focus on the development of storytelling through script, while the second year of the fellowship will focus on the production planning and strategizing to help the grantees successfully create solid marketing and financing plans by the end of their two-year fellowship. It is the aim and ambition of both the ISF and the Indigenous Film Circle to strengthen the indigenous film network while also helping each other support and develop strong new talent within the film industry. We hope that this global program collaboration can build a permanent network for indigenous filmmakers and supporting partners world-wide.

The Indigenous Film Fellowship seeks creative, dedicated and talented filmmakers to submit their stories to be developed with the guidance and mentorship of established filmmakers with proven success records who will provide encouragement and refine the awarded fellows talents, scripts and production plans. Our aim is to have the fellows' film projects industry ready by the end of year two of the fellowship for potential financing.


  • Applicants must be of indigenous background.
  • Stories submitted must convey an indigenous perspective.
  • Fellowship seeks stories where the screenplay is not fully developed nor currently funded.
  •  Treatments must be for feature narrative films.
  • Fellows must be willing to commit two years to the fellowship and complete the work as required by the deadlines.
  •  Applicants acknowledge that if they are accepted, they have one week to confirm their commitment to the fellowship and understand that if they do not meet their deadlines as stated in the fellowship or convey a lack of willingness to participate,  can be subject to dismissal.
  •  Applicants must be willing to travel to annual IFF gatherings and workshops.
  • Applicants must be willing and desire mentorship guidance and critique.
  • Must complete all portions of the application. Any materials not provided may disqualify an application.
  • Applications must be completed in either English, Spanish or Russian. If an applicant cannot complete the application in either of these two languages, please write the International S├ími Film Centre (ISF) with a rationale and request at least 30 days before submission deadline. ISF will try their best to accommodate the request(s).
  • Applications must be received by September 1, 2011; 12:00 am GMT.
  • Applications must be completed electronically. Do not send postal mail. E-mail only. If not able to, please let ISF know immediately and at least two weeks prior to deadline.


  • The IFF seeks outstanding feature-length narrative projects which are based on strong ideas, well communicated and thoroughly thought out stories, exhibit a high level of creativity and can demonstrate the possibility of being financed for production.
  • Preferences are made on stories told in an indigenous language, but not required.
  • Stories must demonstrate an indigenous perspective and applications must address the relevance of their story to their community.
  • Individuals or teams may apply. A majority of key crew personnel must be of indigenous origin.
  • The writer or director must have at least one produced short film, feature film or appropriate television credit.


All Requirements must be met in order to qualify for the Indigenous Film Fellowship. Any requirements not fulfilled without the stated prior notice time as stated in the "Requirements" section above, may be disqualified for consideration into the Indigenous Film Fellowship.

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