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#GNAF Great Northern Arts Festival Artist Seminars July 17 ➜ 22nd 2011

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Hello ladies & gents,
I am emailing to check in about our artist seminars [...].  We'll be including this schedule in the artist welcome packages, and sending it out via email in advance.

These seminars will be held in the upstairs room at the Midnight Sun Rec complex. [....].

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Sunday, July 17 at 10 am

Artist's Commercial Development

Harreson Tanner – Yukon Artists at Work (2hrs)

Begin with YOU. How you present yourself is key to your growth. Creating a coherent body of work. Show examples and give reasons why this is important. Create an action plan! This should be a multi pronged blitz of important galleries both public and private, contemporary museums, trade shows, indoor and outdoor themed art exhibits etc. The creation of your work is about 25% of the job; the marketing of your work is 75%.

Monday July 18 at 10 am

The art of Self Promotion: basic skills workshop
Jessica Vellenga – Community Gallery Coordinator (2hrs)

In this workshop you will learn the basic skills needed to promote your artwork.  Topics will include an overview of different kinds of galleries and how to apply to them, how to create a submission package and how to write a CV.  Resources and examples will also be provided.

Monday July 18 at 4 pm  

Pricing your Artwork 

Carla Wallis – GNWT Manager, Arts and Fine Crafts (2hrs)

This workshop is aimed at helping artists and fine crafters calculate prices for their work to ensure they are receiving fair market value by teaching some basic elements on how to properly price artwork by taking into consideration all of the associated costs in the production of art and fine craft products.

Tuesday July 19 at 10 am

Internet Presence Training for Artists

George Lessard – Media Mentor (2hrs)

This workshop will enable you to promote yourself by learning, setting up and using Facebook, Twitter Gmail, Flickr, Weebly, PayPal and other social media. You will also learn how to manage and integrate their website, blogs, & social media to present yourself as a distinctive brand. You will learn the importance of online statistics and tracking in the marketing & funding of your work.

Tuesday July 19 at 1 pm

How to shoot your work for the Internet

Leslie Leong – Professional Art Photographer (4hrs)

Photograph your artwork use very simple techniques to photograph your artwork before you sell it and never see it again. Ideas for flat artwork and 3-dimensional art, using simple point & shoot cameras or SLRs. Bring your camera and plan to photograph one of your pieces.


Thursday July 21 at 10 am

Presentation on GNWT's Branding Logo and

Carla Wallis – GNWT Manager, Arts and Fine Crafts (2hrs)

The NWT Arts Branding Logo Program followed by an overview of will provide NWT Artists information about some of the current marketing initiatives offered by ITI.  ITI's programs and services are designed to assist NWT resident Artists with marketing and promotional efforts and this presentation will provide answers to some of the programming questions.

Thursday July 21 at 10 am

Looking Ahead: A brief introduction on ITI's new visual arts marketing plan

Lynn Feasey, - Points North Creative 

Building on the momentum and exposure that the Northwest Territories and NWT Arts received during the 2010 Olympics, and as part of the NWT Visual Arts Strategy, ITI has begun implementation on a new visual arts marketing plan.  This session will give NWT artists a brief introduction of the plan, its goals and objectives, and how ITI plans to achieve a greater awareness of NWT arts, territorially, nationally, and internationally.   

Thursday July 21 at 1 pm

Funding Panel Presentation with:

·      Debbie Matheson of GNWT Arts Council
·      Geraldine Manossa of Canada Council for the Arts
·      Rowena House, Nunavut Inuit Arts & Craft Association (2hrs)

Each of the above delegates is an expert in their field, and will make a short presentation on funding avenues for artists. 

Friday July 22nd, 11am

Artists in the Park with Parks Canada

·      Eric Baron/Annique Sanche

Parks Canada will present about their Artists in the Park program, held annually at Ivaavik National Park. 

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