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“Stories of the Night Sky” Project for First Nation , Metis and Inuit Youth aged 16 to 19

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"Stories of the Night Sky" Project for First Nation, Metis and Inuit Youth
aged 16 to 19
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A call for First Nation, Métis and Inuit aged 16 to 19 to develop their
media skills while preserving the age-old tradition of storytelling. If
you are interested in or have experience in storytelling, if you enjoy new
media and are willing to learn, then read on

Do you maintain a positive relationship with community Elders? Do you have
knowledge of the culture and traditions of your community or want to know
about these things? Do you work well independently as well as in a team?
Do you speak an Aboriginal language (although this is not necessary, it
would be a plus!)? If any or all of these things apply to you, then we
would love to hear from you. In recognition of the UNESCO International
Year of Astronomy 2009, The National Association of Friendship Centres
will work toward developing a website to showcase First Nation, Métis and
Inuit "Stories of the Night Sky" from across Canada. Fourteen young people
will be chosen to participate in this project, one from each province and
territory. Status or Non-status First Nation, Métis, or Inuit are all
invited to apply. Each participant will have online media training to
develop their interviewing and camera skills; we don't put you out there
alone, there will always be someone available to you for guidance.

The perks: you get to keep the camera, there is a small stipend when your
part of the project is completed, and your work will be on a web site
dedicated to "Aboriginal Stories of the Night Sky" that will play a part
in the preservation of Aboriginal languages, traditional knowledge and

Please apply in writing and tell us about yourself, answering the
following questions:

* Why does this project interest you?
* Do you have computer skills and access to a computer?
* Where you live?
* What is your first language?
* Do you know other languages and if so, which ones?

Participants will be asked to find stories of the night sky from their
particular community. These must be stories that have been well researched
and that are from reputable sources. The chosen participants will be
required to:

* Sign a contract confirming their commitment
* Provide 3 to 5 stories, myths and/or local legends which can be
presented on video as a photo essay, a narrative slide show, or
combination of photo essay and narrative slide show;
* Conduct an interview with an online delivery of 3 to 5 minutes with
an Elder who they find inspiring.

We will accept applications until 5pm EST, September 30th, 2009. You will
be notified only if you are accepted so please give us your address and a
contact phone number.

Apply online at:
For more information, please contact Geraldine King, NAFC
Communications Officer or 1877-563-4844 ext 328.

Apply by snail mail to: Stories of the Night Sky

National Association of Friendship Centres
Attention: Geraldine King, Communications Officer
275 MacLaren Street
Ottawa, ON
K2P 0L9
Fax: 613-594-3428

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