Friday, 11 September 2009

Canadian Animal Assistance Team: Baker Lake, Nunavut, 2009

Canadian Animal Assistance Team: Baker Lake, Nunavut, 2009


On Monday, September 7th, a team of nine veterinary professionals from all
over Canada embarked on an expedition to the great white north.
Specifically, the team headed to Baker Lake, the only inland community in
Nunavut, and one which is aptly referred to as the "geographic centre of
Canada". Nestled in a beautiful and remote landscape of vast tundra and
shimmering lakes, the community of Baker Lake is home to around 2000
people, as well as approximately 250 dogs and around 20 cats that are in
desperate need for veterinary care.

After flights from their respective hometowns, seven of the nine team
members met with great excitement (and exhaustion!) at the Winnipeg
airport for the two flights which would take them to their final Arctic
destination. The remaining team members, Gina and Julie, would arrive in
Baker Lake later that evening. CAAT is sincerely grateful to First Air,
"the Airline of the North", which has been exceedingly generous in
subsidizing team member flights not only to Baker Lake, but also to
previous communities in the territory. The Eastern Arctic is one of the
most expensive places to fly in the world, so as such, the help is much
appreciated. Thank you, First Air!


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