Monday, 31 August 2009

Sheila Copps makes mountain out of 'Iqualuit' molehill

Copps makes mountain out of 'Iqualuit' molehill

In her attempt to turn the molehill of our office's misspelling of Iqaluit
into a mountain of manufactured outrage, Sheila Copps completely
embarrasses herself ("Heads should roll for PM's 'Iqualuit' bum rap," The
Hill Times, Aug. 24).

Our goal in the PMO press office is for all communication products to be
accurate in terms of content and spelling. Being human, we sometimes fall
short of that goal, as our misspelling of Iqaluit on our media advisory
proved. We regret making the error and moved quickly to fix it.
Thankfully, the people of Nunavut were in a forgiving mood and showed the
Prime Minister the true meaning of hospitality during his recent visit to
the territory.

[excerpt] The Hill Times, August 31st, 2009 LETTERS

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