Friday, 21 August 2009

Arctic Film Festival Nominations

 North House Folk School [ ] has issued the followingcall for film nominations:

>Arctic Film Festival Nominations
>I write from the North House Folk School here in Grand Marais, Minnesota (USA), aspiring to connect with a variety of Arctic related organizations as we are now accepting nominations for this year's Arctic Film Festival.
>The Arctic Film Festival is in its 5th year and has been the fulcrum that's connected our educational mission for teaching traditional northern crafts (, independent film makers, and Arctic research organizations and individuals with a focus on traditional circumpolar cultures, the arctic environment and the historical landscape of the Arctic.
>Attached is a nomination form, in the event that you or your organization has a film that you would recommend for a screening.
>If you have questions or would like to learn more about the nominating process, don't hesitate to ask or call.
>Best regards,
>Scott Pollock, Program Director
>- - - - - - - - - - - - -
>Scott Pollock, Program Director
>North House Folk School
>PO Box 759 - 500 W Hwy 61
>Grand Marais, MN   55604
>Phone: 218-387-9762
>Fax:   218-387-9706

Winterer's Gathering & Arctic Film Festival
November 19-22, 2009
>The North House Folk School, an educational non-profit organization located in Grand Marais, Minnesota, USA, is now accepting film  screening nominations for the Winterer's Gathering & Arctic Film Festival. This multi-day educational event is a celebration of the crafts, customs, landscape, history and stories of winter travel and traditional lifeways in the north. Winter travel enthusiasts and northern culture admirers merge on the North House campus for four days of winter travel seminars, courses and workshops complemented by a number of inspiring thought-provoking international films about life in the arctic.

>The aim of the Arctic Film Festival is to celebrate the traditions, customs and lifeways in the circumpolar global arctic region represented in the media arts. The nomination process for Arctic Film Festival seeks to establish a network of arctic enthusiasts, organizations, businesses and film makers interested in arctic education, travel, history, art and culture. Connecting the film audience to the film makers to the educators promoting the films is a key element of the Arctic Film Festival.

>The Arctic Film Festival is a non-competitive, non-cash awarding festival. An independent committee reviews films and screening selections will be based upon distributor's consent and the overall content as it relates to the category in which it was nominated.

>As a non-profit educational organization and in respect to the non-competitive educational atmosphere North House wishes to instill, the film festival aspires to screen up to eight films related to the following categories:
>Environment – This category includes films that reflect on the arctic natural environment.
>Ethno-Historical – Films that reflect on the cultural landscape of the arctic region and the peoples who inhabit that region.
>Expedition – Films that relate to adventure travel expeditions.
>Shelter, Clothing, Food – Films that specifically address traditional arctic shelter, clothing and foodways.

>As part of the nominating process, individuals and/or your organizations are asked to:
>1. Nominate up to three films to be shown at the festival.
>2. Provide information about your organization or agency as it relates to the films nominated.
>3. Provide source information for obtaining the film, including key contacts such as director, filmmakers, producers, etc for screening rights and distribution
>4. If available, provide film information that includes availability of film, length of film, format of film (35mm, DVD, video cassette, etc.) and a brief summary of the film.
>5. Submit film nominations no later than October 1, 2009 using enclosed film nomination form. Fax, e-mail, or direct mail is acceptable.

>If you or your organization have any questions regarding the Winterer's Gathering & Arctic Film Festival, or specific questions related to the Film Festival, please contact Program Director, Scott Pollock, at North House Folk School.

You do not need to be in attendance for your nomination to be considered. Nominations will be considered by an independent committee by October 30, 2009 and screened during the Festival dates.

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