Monday, 14 September 2015

Pure History Specials - Arctic Manhunt

"...On Christmas Day, 1931, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, with the assistance of #‎aboriginal #‎trackers, approached a rural cabin near the #‎Arctic Circle. They were there to question an unknown #‎trapper about vandalized trap lines but were met with open fire instead of answers. Over the next 49 days one of the largest #‎criminal searches in Canadian history ensued, taking the #‎RCMP above the Arctic Circle where they had to endure harsh weather conditions on top of firefights with the mysterious #‎fugitive they were pursuing. Ending with the trapper's suicide, police found $2,400 in cash on his body but nothing to identify him or indicate why he was on the run. [...] Almost 80 years later, #‎forensic #‎experts #‎dig up the remains of the fugitive to try and determine his identity once and for all...." #‎video

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