Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Rally Against Fracking in the NWT

Rally Against Fracking in the NWT
Fracking Action North (FAN) is a coalition of NWT organizations, including Alternatives North, Ecology North, the NWT Chapter Council of Canadians, Canadian Physicians for the Environment, and individuals/citizens who are concerned that hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in the NWT is proceeding without a full and transparent consideration of all of the health, social, environmental and economic costs and benefits.
FAN invites all NWT residents to learn more about fracking, and the potential costs and benefits of this technology. Please browse our information and resources for links to many scientific journals and peer-reviewed articles on the impacts of fracking on human health, water quality and quantity, air quality and social and community well-being.
Coalition Members - Please take the time to visit each of our supporting groups.
Fracking Action North
Ecology North
Alternatives North
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)
Council of Canadians: NWT Chapter

GNWT “Public Engagement Meetings” on its proposed regulations for Fracking in the NWT
Yellowknife June 15 6 to 8pm Multiplex Gym
Yellowknife (en français) 16 juin 18 heurs Yellowknife Inn

Ben McDonald, #FrackingActionNorth remettant au député @BobBromley une pétition contre la #fracturation @aquilontno
@KieraDawnKolson s'adressant à l'@AssemblyNWT manif contre la #fracturation de #FrackingActionNorth @aquilontno
RT @aquilontno: Manifestation de #FrackingActionNorth contre la #fracturation hydraulique à #Yellowknife le 2 juin.
RT @call_randall: #cbcnorth #FrackingActionNorth #rally #yzf #nwtpoli
RT @deneze: #FrackingActionNorth #rally in #yzf
RT @deneze: #FrackingActionNorth #yzf #rally

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