Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Water Break - Northern Properties REIT Yellowknife NWT 12/05/2014

"...Northern Property in Yellowknife is the landlord of this building. They have offered to move the lady into a more expensive apt (at her cost, plus an increase in rent), or move her to an unsafe apt that is run down and in need of major maintenance. This happened on Monday night and today (Tuesday) they still have not helped her other than to turn off the cold water completely... And they say it's not their responsibility to place her anywhere this evening. Time for newspapers and MLA to be involved!!

Please share this post and make people of Yellowknife aware of the in-humane activity NPREIT is participating in. They refuse to come and soak up all the water, there is absolutely no running water (except hot) and no shower. It is very unhealthy living conditions. As a community, this needs to be put viral!

Hal (the Rental Officer) has been contacted and they will further continue the investigation tomorrow. We have also contacted Environment Canada and they will be sending somebody as well to investigate. Potential arbitration will take place, depending on the severity of the living conditions (which is significant)...."

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