Monday, 31 March 2014

Message from Tony Noakes, #Nunavut's former #fire #marshal "I'm glad this ordeal is over"

Message from Tony Noakes, Nunavut's former fire marshal

I'm glad this ordeal is over.

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After a lengthy legal process, I am extremely pleased to announce that a settlement has been reached between the Government of Nunavut and myself.

It is great to have resolved my issues with the Government of Nunavut. I cannot underscore the need to continue any challenges in the face of overwhelming adversity.

While the specific details of the settlement cannot be disclosed, I van certainly state that this settlement is a precedent in terms of employment related litigation.

I thank the supporters from across Canada that have kept me in positive spirits throughout this matter.

I thank my legal team for their ongoing support and their belief in this case.

I look forward to re-establishing my career in the fire service as a senior fire officer and I once again thank all of you for your support.

Tony Noakes Fire Marshal NU (Ret.)

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