Thursday, 27 February 2014

A TV series about daily life of the people who live in the houseboats on Great Slave Lake's Yellowknife Bay

An uninvited Ice Queen for Yellowknife's Snowking

"A fish mobile in a geodesic dome selling ice lanterns... I'm quite confident it hasn't been tried before.'



Matthew Grogono and Mike Harrison have put up a yurt-like dome on the ice of Yellowknife Bay for a reality TV show that will air on Animal Planet. 

The network is producing a series about daily life of the people who live in the houseboats on Great Slave Lake.   

"They want to film musicians, they want to film artists, they want to film Yellowknife life," said Grogono.

He and Harrison are hoping to attract tourists and create a profitable relationship with the network by setting up a fish shop inside the dome and and selling ice candles. The dome will also feature a cafe, events, and even an Ice Queen.

But the seasonal structure, set up on Great Slave Lake in time for glorious spring, may seem familiar to Yellowknifers. 

The dome is going up at the same time, and just a few hundred metres away, from the Snowking's castle. ..."

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