Thursday, 21 November 2013

Drastic cuts to the Canadian #Circumpolar Institute #Research #Arctic #CDNpoli

Drastic cuts to the Canadian #Circumpolar Institute #Research #Arctic #CDNpoli
The University of Alberta has made drastic cuts to the Canadian Circumpolar Institute.
CCI is one of the flagship northern research institutes in the world. It provides funding to graduate students and support to many researchers. It has a long and proud tradition of producing and supporting graduate students and researchers.  The Circumpolar/Boreal Alberta Research awards (which supported grad student research) have now been cut.

Northerners and all Canadians have benefited from CCI, its advocacy, and its research for many decades. This cut is the latest erosion of university-based knowledge production, particularly that which challenges the status quo such as climate science.

These cuts must not go unnoticed.

Please share your objections with the powers that be.
Here's the contact info for:
University of Alberta President
University of Alberta's Vice President of Research
Associate Vice President
and the only remaining CCI staff member
Acting Director:  Dr. Anita Dey Nuttall

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