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“A Conversation on #Community #Safety”: #Yellowknifers discuss Community Safety #YZF #NWT

"A Conversation on Community Safety":  Yellowknifers discuss Community Safety

On Oct. 3, the community of Yellowknife came together with representatives from GNWT Department of Justice, Yellowknife Health and Social Services, RCMP and the City of Yellowknife to hear people's concerns, and discuss ideas about ways we can make our community a safer place.

These are the transcripts of the session including opening statements from Minister of Justice, Glen Abernethy; CEO of Yellowknife Health and Social Services, Les Harrison; Commanding Officer RCMP Wade Blake; Yellowknife Inspector Frank Gallagher; and Mayor Mark Heyck.  The session was moderated by MLA, Wendy Bisaro.

If you would like to make any comments or suggestions after reading these transcripts, please forward them to

Results of “A Conversation on Community Safety”

by Wendy Bisaro - MLA Frame Lake
On October 3, 2013, citizens of Yellowknife came together with representatives responsible for public safety to discuss issues of concern in the capital city.
Community members who were unable to attend can access transcripts from the session   here. Further comments and suggestions for potential solutions can also be made at the links shown there.
As a followup to the October 3rd meeting on October 18th, I asked questions of the Minister of Justice about the Citizens on Patrol  (COPS) program. You can download my exchange with the Minister from Hansard here.

"... Citizens on Patrol (COPS)

by Wendy Bisaro - MLA Frame Lake
The Citizens on Patrol Program concept originated in Western Canada.
Here's how it works: ordinary citizens supplement police patrols to help reduce crime by keeping a neighbourly watch over their communities; patrols watch for any unusual and/or criminal activity, and report such incidents to the police for any necessary follow-up. Citizens on Patrol have neither the authority nor the mandate to make arrests, nor to take any action that might jeopardize their own safety or that of the public. The role of Citizens on Patrol is to simply observe and report. Source:
Yellowknife had an active COPS program about eight years ago but no longer. Do we need to resurrect it? Would you volunteer for the patrols? Send me your thoughts!
Click here to download my Oral Questions to the Minister of Justice about the Citizens on Patrol program and how GNWT might help it get restarted..."

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