Sunday, 5 May 2013

60th and Above: A project to sell Northern Canadian artwork around the world

60th and Above
A project to sell Northern Canadian artwork around the world for the mutual benefit of the artist and Northern charitable organizations.
The format is online art auction with the proceeds split 50/50 between the artist and the charity. This is a project by entrepreneurial management (commerce) students at Royal Roads University in Victoria -- they don't make any money off the transactions.
60th and Above is an online business that facilitates sales of art between northern Canadian artists and international buyers. The sales are facilitated via an online auction style, allowing for the highest possible selling price. The format structure of the initiative allows artists to collect fifty percent of the profit from the sold artwork while the remaining fifty percent would be donated to the Arctic Children and Youth Foundation amongst others. This venture provides the opportunity to be able to sell art on an international scale while providing global recognition to northern Canadian art and artists across the territories. If you are a northern artist and are interested in selling your work and receiving recognition or would like to donate a piece of art to benefit a northern charity, please contact or check out


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