Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Some Facebook comments about the #NWT Income Assistance program

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  • Marjorie Ovayuak How will address client(s) on Disability,who are selling/doing illegal activities under Income Support..this is going on far to long..
  • Frances M. Wolki They would have to be charged and found guilty in the court of law, otherwise it is considered hear-say...
  • Frances M. Wolki Our policies suck up north...basically, if computers are crashing and Income Support workers can't produce a clients cheque for that month. It's bad enough with the amount of income assistance given does not last a family to the end of the month...Leaders are giving themselves far too many raises, benefits,etc., and keeping up to the cost of living as it continually increases, while the poor get poorer. No different than the Housing Policy...what isn't working should've had results a long time ago, as these have been on-going for far too long...it's un-real, especially for those families with children who rely on this assistance.
  • Clara Anikina some times ppl have NO CHOICE but to try to make ends meet, no matter how...just to feed little children...or hungry family...i see it a lot...its the system that we have to change...to make a better world...cause when ppl are hungry and worried it leads to a lot of bad things; like violence, and abuse...etc...cause they are hurt and worried and don't know how to vent their hurts and fears. and the LEADERS TRAVELLING ALL OVER THE WORLD, TOO, and ...not doing anything but benefitting themselves...what a shame.
  • Clara Anikina i know it is wrong however what is a person suppose to do???
  • George Lessard Tell you MLA.. via e-mail so there is a record of it..
  • Clara Anikina USING ME as an example, for the month of Nov. i will receive approx. $481.50, made out to a groc store, plus FINALLY $100.00 cash, in a cheque...course the chq cashing fee will hurt...ow...cause I won bingo in oct. twice, someone staked me...shudda used somebody's name...how will i ever get by??
  • Marjorie Ovayuak One disability client,in Edmonton gets like $1,400.00 to $1,500.00 a month,in Tuktoyaktuk those on disabilty gets between $600.00 to $1101.00 a month,last only 1 or 2 and a half weeks,plus rent,power and communication access like phone/internet,some of them including myself don't even have cable connection,just bingo channel,the price of power/groceries/rent and phone/internet covers all our groceries together that leaves me with like $600 to a little over $800 to spend on groceries for the whole entire month,depending on what is deducted from your disability this includes single mothers with little child/ren,for about close to 5-6 hundred dollars a month .Hopefully get a side job,even though I have a lower spinal back and limping right hip problem while waiting for 2 major operations due sometimes in the late year or early new year.
  • Clara Anikina i won $277.50, plus $150.00 which adds up to $427.50. I told her that i was allowed $400 she told me that there is a diff between unearned and earned income. i asked her why we get our land claims at $400 then and she do not deduct. she went on and on, so i just left. in the past i was ALLOWED 400 per month
  • Clara Anikina i am so worried these days but will trust God to help me like He always does to get by. I know i have been put in this position to help and speak out for others. i worked all my LIFE and am not used to not having no money to pay for bills and buy necessities and i have a lot of birthdays in my big family that i love to treat my family with cause they need cheering up and we need to celebrate. it is so hopeless i feel like giving up but i WILL NOT GIVE UP, no way, but am still so worried. so worried. so many bills too. the bingos i won were like early october so the monies were all spent on groc right away.
  • Gailann Raddi Why does ECE take from bingos and housing dont? but housing can take from selling native food and baked goods and ECE dont I thought they work together?
  • Clara Anikina with the vouchers too, we can't even buy our native food. which is so awful can't really have a taste for dunniktak food, cause i had cancer three yrs ago, food still taste awful to me...only native food taste good to me.

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