Thursday, 25 October 2012

Video chat: What it's like to do business in the #NWT with Old Town Glassworks

YkOnline posted on Facebook... "The Globe and Mail did a virtual report on business with Old Town Glassworks. Have a look at it here: "

Video chat: What it's like to do business in NWT


Report on Small Business senior editor Terry Brodie hung out with Matthew Grogono, founder and president of Old Town Glassworks, based in Yellowknife.

The eight-employee company Mr. Grogono founded in 1994 and turned into a co-operative incorporated in 2006 makes and sells "reclaimed" glassware out of recycled glass. The number of bottles recycled to date: 70,000 and counting. 

Mr. Grogono discussed his business and some of the unique benefits and challenges in operating out of the Northwest Territories

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