Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Canada Without Poverty - 2012 Pre-Budget Consultation Submission

 "...2012 Pre-Budget Consultation Submission
August 3, 2012 Four Recommendations for the 2013 Federal Budget
1)    Direct resources for creating and implementing a federal plan for poverty elimination that complements provincial and territorial plans, and that sets targets and timelines for poverty reduction and elimination
2)    Establish a low income refundable tax credit equal to the gap between a person's total income and the value of the Low Income Measure for applicable households
3)    Create an anti-poverty competitiveness taskforce and an anti-poverty impact test similar to the business impact test now done by departments to evaluate regulations and regulatory burden
4)    In anticipation of a significant spike in food prices due the catastrophic 2012 North American drought, establish a special, national emergency food security fund to assist low-income individuals and families in meeting their food requirements..."
Full document here....

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