Thursday, 8 December 2011

CALL FOR PAPERS: “Inuit Health: Illness Experience & Healthcare Delivery”

Smithsonian National Museum of National History:
Arctic Studies Center invites papers and presentations for

"Inuit Health: Illness Experience & Healthcare Delivery" session

Session organizer: Andrew Hund, M.A., Ph.D.
18th Inuit Studies Conference
October 24-28, 2012 in Washington, DC.

Deadline for abstract submission: March 1, 2012

This session welcomes papers and presentations addressing the subjective experience of health and illness in Inuit communities; Inuit responses to health and illness (traditional and western); the societal, cultural, political, economic forces as well as environmental circumstances that threaten Inuit health and enhance or diminish the delivery of healthcare. Empirical and theoretical papers from various disciplines, such as medicine, public health, anthropology, social work, sociology, psychology, etc. addressing Inuit health and illness in the circumpolar regions are welcome. Service professionals working on practical public health, clinical, and mental health programs as well as Indigenous/Inuit contributors are strongly encouraged to participate.

How to submit a proposal for the "Inuit Health: Illness Experience & Healthcare Delivery" session.

Please send 200-250 word abstract with title, speaker(s) biographical information, brief background of research project (if any), and presenter(s) name, address, and e-mail address to the session organizer: Andrew Hund, M.A., Ph.D. at by March 1, 2012.

There may be possible travel stipends for three categories of prospective conference participants: 1) early career scientists; 2) students; and 3) Indigenous/Inuit contributors. These funds (if available) are intended to provide modest assistance with offsetting the costs of air travel, hotel and conference registration fees for outstanding conference participants and contributors traveling from across the north to attend the ISC 18 in Washington, DC.

If this session is not of interest, please note the 18th Inuit Studies Conference, 2012 will be held in Washington, DC, from October 24 to October 28, 2012, and located across the Smithsonian campus on the National Mall. Due to its location, the conference will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including climate change and indigenous people; international cooperation in the Arctic; roles of Museums and museum collections in preserving Inuit languages, heritage, and culture; governmental programs in the northern regions and their interactions with local communities and Inuit cultural/political institutions. The website is:

International Participant Information: We invite those who work all over the Arctic to participate in the ISC 2012. If you are not a US citizen and you require a visa to attend the ISC 2012, we urge you to begin the visa application process now. U.S. regulations require security checks for most visitor visa applications, resulting in a review process that may take three months or more.

Regulation Affecting Some International Travelers: U.S. legislation mandates that visitors eligible to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program receive an electronic travel authorization prior to boarding their airline bound for the U.S. This Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is managed by the Department of Homeland Security. Travelers without the ESTA authorization will not be permitted to enter the United States (see

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