Sunday, 13 November 2011

"Authentic" #NWT Souvenirs from Northwest Territories Tourism ? #NWTpoli

Is Northwest Territories Tourism mandated to promote the NWT or not?
Is this how they support NWT artists, designers and crafts persons?

"Authentic Northwest Territories Souvenir Items"

"Authentic" Northwest Territories License Plates?

"Authentic" Luggage Tags?

"Authentic" Souvenir Pins?

"Authentic" Folding Maps?

No NWT "Souvenir" at seems to be from or made in the NWT...
So what makes them "authentic"?

Seems to me that there are enough artists and craftspeople in the the NWT designing and creating products that can be easily produced (if not already being produced) in large enough quantities to meet the needs of this site that Northwest Territories Tourism cannot have a viable excuse for not marking real work from real citizens of the NWT...

Even it that's not so... they could be licensing the production of items from existing work...

Goodness me, they are not even selling "Ragged Ass Road" or "I Break for Ptarmigan" bumper stickers... nor a single book from an NWT author... Not a single photograph from a photographer.... Not even a single print of an original painting from an NWT artist...

Northwest Territories Tourism
4916 47th Street
3rd Floor, Goga Cho Building

Canada Toll-free number: 1-800-661-0788
International: +1-867-873-7200
Contact Email:

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