Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Well now the election's over.... #elxn41 #CdnPoli #NWT

Well now the election's over I don't need to worry about trying to get Sandy Lee to sit in front of my camera and tell me why she did not answer the questions posted by the NWT Status of Women's Council. I tried very hard, but her team told me that her media person would get in touch.. and never did.. sigh.. When I saw her vote I almost asked her the question myself, but I was working for Elections Canada as a Central Poll Supervisor at Yelowknife's Range Lake School and I knew that was not appropriate behavior for an election official on polling day. 

Our information officer did not show up for work... so in addition to supervising four polling stations, I had the pleasure of greeting voters as they arrived and directing them to the correct polls.. so I got to really see who was out to vote and was very happy to find what seemed to me to be a large number of young and first time voters... many joining their parents to exercise their democratic right to choose their MP.

We had a 55.2% turnout in the Western Arctic... in fact around 2:30pm I got a call from the Returning Officer asking if we needed any extra ballots... and later in the day, the driver delivering voting supplies told me that the Yellowknives Dene First Nation communities of N'Dilo and and Dettah ( part of the Akaitcho Territory Government) needed extra ballots because voting was high in those communities.

Here's the results (from the Election Canada website) for the Western Arctic riding of the NWT..

Results  for the Western Arctic riding of the NWT

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