Tuesday, 13 July 2010

DENENDEH: by director Kent Morrison & Karin Yeske wins at the HUMAN RIGHTS DOCFEST 2010

Playing on SATURDAY, JULY 24 @ 6 pm

Winner of Smaller Budget (under $1000)



Director: Kent Morrison and Karin Yeske

Forced isolation and assimilation of aboriginal peoples stole their identity and independence, leaving them at the mercy of the 'superior culture.' This system has failed, creating turmoil, suspicion, and dysfunction. Outsiders have again injected themselves into La Loche in an attempt to solve the problem, one originally of their making. The European attitude of "we know best," shrouded in best intentions, is not working and no one is talking about it.

A national documentary film festival, which serves to highlight human rights issues in Canada and abroad.

When? July 23 and  24, @ 6pm
July 25 @ 1pm

Where? the NFB Toronto Mediatheque
@ 150 John Street (at Richmond St. W, Osgoode Subway Stn)

See you then!

Human Rights Docfest 2010 aims:

• To showcase the work of both new and established talent
• To create a dialogue between filmmakers and the community on human rights
• To raise awareness about domestic and international human rights issues
• To celebrate the human spirit and to engage the community in learning and dialogue

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