Sunday, 13 December 2009

Canadian Youth Tell PM Harper Stop Tarring Our Image

Canadian Youth speak out on Tar Sands at UN negotiations in Copenhagen

"Stop Tarring Our Image," Canadian Youth tell conference delegates

A new report from Equiterre, Environmental Defence, Forest Ethics and Climate Action Network Canada about the Tar Sands will be released today during an action by the Canadian Youth Delegation. This highly visual action will focus on how Canada's international reputation is being affected by the Tar Sands.

"Canada's Tar Sands is essentially damaging Canada's image abroad amongst international delegates as a fair, and just country," says Canadian youth delegate Daniel T'seleie.

"The Tar Sands are effectively preventing Canada from meeting any scientifically supported emissions reductions target, and are a gross violation for everything Canada stands for. We as Canadian youth are standing up and letting the world know."

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