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History of Eskimo Pie

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Christian K. Nelson - Eskimo Pie ( archives/images/d8553-2.jpg)

July 13, 1921 - Christian K. Nelson, chocolate maker Russell C. Stover entered into a joint agreement in Des Moines, IA to produce, market Nelson's "I-Scream Bar"; name changed to Eskimo Pie ("coat ice cream with chocolate [sic] divide the profits equally"); decided to sell manufacturing rights to local ice cream companies for $500 to $1000, plus royalties on each Eskimo Pie sold; first 250,000 pies produced sold within 24 hours; spring 1922 -  2,700 manufacturers sold one million Eskimo Pies per day; January 24, 1922 - Nelson, of Onawa, IA, received patent for a "Confection"; Eskimo Pie; ice cream centre covered in chocolate; described: "in its simplest form, a block or brick or frozen confection within an edible container or shell. The core or center may be an ice cream, sherbet, sorbet, ice, or other material congealed by refrigeration"; shell was described as "like that used in coating chocolate candies, although preferably modified to harden at a lower temperature," and not too brittle; half patent assigned to Russell Stover (Chicago, IL); 1922 - Stover sold his share of the company; 1924 - acquired by United States Foil Company, supplier of Eskimo Pie wrapper (later known as Reynolds Metals Company); October 3, 1929 -  U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declared 1922 patent was invalid, due to "lack of invention"; April 13, 1943 - registered "Eskimo Pie" trademark first used October 3, 1921 (ice cream); 1992 - Eskimo Pie became independent of Reynolds' Metals.

Eskimo stays despite frosty reception

Humble Eskimo lolly gives tourist a bad taste

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