Thursday, 5 March 2009

NWT Mining Heritage Society March membership drive

NWT Mining Heritage Society [] has launched its
March membership drive:

>Ryan is in Toronto so Walt did a newsletter this month. The format
>is a little different. The newsletter does contain some food for
>thought - read it over and enjoy.
>Stephen Clark
>NWT Mining Heritage Society
>P.O. Box 2818
>Yellowknife, NT~ X1A 2R1
>tel: 867-873-6078
>fax: 867-873-6079

>Stock prices rise and fall, as does our economy, but hopefully the
>NWT Mining Heritage Society is forever.
>This is Yellowknife's 75th anniversary, renewing your membership in
>the society would an ideal way to celebrate. Do it now. It is fun,
>it is easy and it will warm the cockles of your heart on a cold
>winter's night.
>Please go to our website ( ) and download a
>current membership form. Fill it in, then sent it and your
>membership fee to:
>Box 2818 Yellowknife X1A 2R1
>Your ancestors and descendents will thank you.
>Did you know donations (not including membership fees) made to the
>NWT Mining Heritage Society are tax deductible.
>The NWT Mining Heritage Society has a Revenue Canada number and can
>issue tax-deductible receipts.
>This way you can made a donation to the Society and claim it on your
>income tax return.

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