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Fires outside Inuvik #NWT are spreading- today's photos from a small airplane about 20km from town @cbcnorth

RT @philippemorinnt: Fires outside Inuvik are spreading. Photographed today from a small airplane about 20km from town. #cbcnorth
RT @philippemorinnt: Fire is spreading and appears to be lit at many different points #cbcnorth
RT @philippemorinnt: Many acres are involved #cbcnorth
RT @philippemorinnt: For context on location: Here is Inuvik's satellite weather station (foreground) and smoke (far background) #cbcnorth
3:04pm June 30 2012 via Web

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True north, strong and free? $100 flats of bottled water in Nunavut

June 27, 2012- True north, strong and free? $100 flats of bottled water in Nunavut


All Photo's /references/sources attached here.

"Ask Canadians some simple questions about life in the Arctic, as Canada's national Inuit organization did in 2009, and one-third of us flunk completely, while more than half confess ignorance. True north, strong and free? We had better take your word for it.

Hence the recent sticker shock, south of 60, at Nunavut's staggering cost of living.

On National Aboriginal Day, last Thursday, Nunavummiut gathered outside grocery stores in Iqaluit, Pangnirtung, Coral Harbour, Clyde River, and Kugluktuk to protest $20 heads of cabbage and $100 flats of bottled water. The recent wave of demonstrations began with a single Facebook group, "Feeding My Family," started by Iqaluit resident Leesee Papatsie. It has now grown to well over 20,000 members, and generated global buzz about high food prices in Nunavut communities.

But what is a curiosity around the world's water coolers is a crisis in northern Canada, where hunger is too often a daily reality.

Nor is the issue simply the cost of store-bought food. The high price of gas and equipment has made hunting too expensive for many Northerners, pushing nutritious country foods, such as caribou and seal, out of reach. And as communities struggle to feed themselves, they are buffeted by bluster from environmental groups, legislators, and various rock stars, whose attacks on the traditional Inuit way of life are perhaps better intentioned than they are informed."

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Human rights training in Yellowknife

451 Norseman Dr.
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
X1A 2J1, Canada
Yellowknife Cell # (867) 445-9193
E-mail: mediamentorATgmailDOTcom

Contact Me YouTube

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From the NWT Human Rights Commission:

Human rights training in Yellowknife


The Commission is pleased to announce that the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights will be in  Yellowknife to deliver the following training sessions:


·       July 3, 2012 – Learn about the international human rights system and how it can work for you. Free workshop.

·       July 4, 2012 – Come share your views on the current state of human rights in Yellowknife, including discussions about the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Free workshop.

·       July 4, 2012 – Learn fun ways to teach human rights to children and youth using the Rights in the Sun curriculum. For teachers, summer camp coordinators, youth workers, etc. Cost $10.

For more information and to register, please see the attached posters for each event. Feel free to forward this information to others who may be interested.

  <<JHC Universal Periodic Review.pdf>> <<JHC Community Dialogue NWT.pdf>> <<JHC Rights in the Sun.pdf>>


Isabel Gauthier
Human Rights Officer/Agente des droits de la personne
NWT Human Rights Commission/Commission des droits de la personne des TNO
P.O. Box 1860 / C.P. 1860
Yellowknife, NT  X1A 2P4
Toll Free / Sans frais: 1-888-669-5575
Yellowknife : (867) 669-5575
Fax / Télécopieur : (867) 873-0357  /

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Re: Food Insecurity in the North: An Open Letter by Alex Ittuq to the Honourable John Duncan Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development

Honourable John Duncan
Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development
Government of Canada
10 Wellington Street
Gatineau, Quebec  K1A 0H4

June 25, 2012

Dear Minister Duncan;

Re: Food Insecurity in the North

Recently on June 21, 2012, on National Aboriginal Day, as Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, you were quoted on a TV interview as saying;

"Nutrition North Program is working. Complaints are unfounded and illegitimate".

This is the most insensitive and uncaring comment. It shows disinterest and arrogant assumptions on the crisis of food insecurity in the north.

As Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, a position you took an oath for, there are many things you can do to act, instead of a casually disregarding protests on food insecurity.

Some of the actions that can be considered are;

1. Start a public inquiry on food insecurity in the north and Inuit and First Nations affected;

2. Review the effectiveness of the Nutrition North Program again, before its full implementation on October 2012, of which many more essential items will be taken off the program (food that is not considered extremely nutritious and everyday toiletries and cleaning products);

The review can look into the true effectiveness of the NNP, not in grocery prices but its' indirect contribution to food insecurity and poverty. NNP changed dramatically from the Food Mail Program. There is now sole focus on the most basic nutritious foods, ie. milk, eggs, bread and some vegetables. Nobody can live solely on milk, eggs, bread and some vegetables. There is a supposed increase of milk consumption by 29%. Everyone in the north will now be milked out.

There are many Inuit and First Nations are on income support assistance in Nunavut and NWT, who cannot afford a variety of foods. For the most part, they live on basic food staples or go without food for periods of time. Inuit and First Nations have large extended families and have many children in the household. The children will naturally yearn for sweetened foods once in awhile. Typically, the poorest and those on income support will live on tea, coffee, bannock, Kraft macaroni and cheese, sliced bread, Minute Rice, Cup o' Soups, Klik luncheon meats, hotdogs, boiled chicken legs, spaghetti with pasta sauce and similar staple foods.

Once the time for income support assistance comes or when they receive the monthly Old Age Pension or Child Tax Credit or Universal ChildCare Benefit, their children will tire of all these tasteless staple foods. The children will yearn for apples, oranges, bananas, blueberries, cereal and cheese slices. The prices are; 5lb apples - $13.89, can of frozen orange juice - $11.29, cereal - $12.29 + $0.61 GST to a total of $12.90, cheese slices - $14.69.

But they will also yearn for pop, chocolate bars, potato chips, ice-cream, canned fruit, fruit juice, yogurt and similar sweetened foods. It is difficult for parents to say no to children who've had minimal food staples for the whole month, and so they will buy pop at $5.51 ($5.25 + $0.26 GST). Or they'll ask for cookies at $11.29. Or a small canned fruit at $4.79. Or 2L ice-cream at $16.26 ($15.49 + $0.77 GST). Or an 8-pack of yogurt $15.21 ($14.49 + $0.72 GST).

Their budget from the $100.00 monthly UCCB cheque, for example, for a one-day splurge is already gone.

The other basic necessities that that Inuit and First Nation families splurge on are toiletries, of which will soon to be removed from the NNP list. An 18-package of feminine pads are $20.25 ($19.29 + $0.96 GST). A 24-roll toilet paper is $51.44 ($48.99 + $2.45 GST). 40-garbage bags are approximately $21.00. This does not include the $11.55 shampoo or the $7.55 ($7.19 + $0.26 GST) toothbrush or the $8.28 dish detergent ($7.89 + $0.39 GST).

This does not leave room to worry about the $28.54 head of cabbage or the $8.69 bag of carrots. Or the $11.49 orange juice. Or the bottle of $28.49 cranberry juice. Or the $11.49 corn on the cob. Or the $7.43 broccoli. Or the $9.32 bag of frozen vegetables. Or the $8.20 tomatoes.

In essence, the NNP is counterproductive with its sole emphasis on extremely nutritious foods. It's penalizing northern residents. It's making people stuck in poverty and perpetuates the cycle of poverty. People are unable to make healthier choice of foods from living this endless cycle of 29 days of basic food staples and 1 day of monthly splurges. I guarantee you if you've had Cup O' Soup and Minute Rice for a month, you will yearn for cookies and not a $28 head of cabbage. There is literature and research on perpetuation of poverty, they are not difficult to find and I suggest NNP look them up.

Supposed savings under the NNP will by-pass a large portion of the population in the north because of this cycle. If you don't believe me, a poverty research analyst and a nutritionist can give you a more thorough analysis. The ideal world of northerners consuming only extremely nutritious foods on a daily basis is impracticable and overly romanticized in fluffiness. Southern Canadians are no more prone to junk food cravings than northerners.

3. Have an auditor review the profit margins of Canadian North, First Air, Northwest Company and Arctic Co-operatives Ltd, Nunavut Sealink and Supply Inc and Nunavut Eastern Arctic Shipping. Consider asking a government agency to conduct an ethics and integrity review, similarly as the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada or the Procurement Ombudsman does.

For instance, Northwest Company has holding shares in Nunavut Eastern Arctic Shipping. NWC retails food, NEAS ships non-perishable foods.

Arctic Co-op Limited has holding shares in Nunavut Sealink and Supply Inc. ACL retails food, NSSI ships non-perishable foods.

An example of profiting was the Chair of Makivik Corp. and First Air, who received a $600,000.00 bonus in 2008. Makivik Corp. owns First Air which ships food to northern communities. As a food shipping airline, it conducted business under the Food Mail program. Inuit were shocked but nothing was done.

NWC is the largest retailer in northern Canada and benefits the most from the NNP – read its Annual Financial Report of 2011. There are major increases in profits and debt reduction in the 2011 year, the same year NNP is introduced. Look into their executive salaries. I don't think the President of ACL or its' board of directors make salaries as high as NWC's – at least I haven't heard of similar complaints.

There should be more diligence from NNP to hold these companies accountable, because in essence, NNP is giving them $60 million dollars, merely on trust the funds are applied faithfully. Self-reporting requirements of these companies that purport to pass savings to customers under the NNP may appear neutral on their face in monthly crunched numerical reports but in reality may not reflect the whole truth.

Consider this for example;

NWC has hiring and recruitment policies targeting workers mainly from southern Canada. ACL on the other hand have aboriginal employees from every level from managers, hotel managers to stock clerks and have aboriginal board of directors.

This means NWC is spending $18 million dollars in housing for southern Canadians. Because ACL hires more locally than its' counterpart, there is less overhead costs on operations.

NWC is in the business of profits but because the NNP is a large, direct and readily accessible subsidy providing the backbone of NWC profits, one should question why anything from food to retail to 28% interest rates to 10% cashing fees to $300.00 Heirloom Picture prices are unreasonably exorbitant. They even charge a $1-2 extra for transport within Iqaluit – ie eggs are $5.99 at NorthMart but $6.99 at a convenience store.

The Government of Canada turning a blind eye on NWC's over-pricing while it is benefitting from NNP is utterly shameful.

4. Ask the Bank of Canada to review inflation rates and their impacts on food in the north – see what the Bank of Canada can do to stabilize inflation in the north. Typical stabilization methods used in southern Canada, such as maintaining or increasing the Bank of Canada prime rate for lending, is not useful and effective in the north. Consider stabilization methods on jet fuel and shipping cargo fuel. Also have the Bank of Canada review and compare inflation rates on food in southern Canada and northern Canada.

5. Ask the Food Inspection Agency to be more present, visible and accessible in the north. The Agency can monitor food products for edibility, health and safety. Make complaints easier to do - publicize a toll-free line – hire aboriginal language speakers as call agents. Have the Food Inspection Agency do random audits.

This is important. Many northerners end up buying rotting food, unsafe foods and expired foods. And if they try to get a refund or take the food back, their complaints are turned on them by the retailers.

The Food Inspection Agency should also monitor and audit food and fruit weighing scales. Many times weighing scales are wrong and customers pay higher amounts for food.

Make it easy for northern residents to make complaints on pricing at the shelf and pricing at the till. Nobody utilizes the $10 refund penalty rule because nobody knows how.

Consider placing full time inspectors in the north. This is not a special request. Food Inspection Agency is accessible in southern Canada – make it accessible in the north.

6. Ask Honourable Christian Paradis, Consumer Affairs Minister to review the following;

Creation of regulations for no rates on cashing of government-issued social welfare payments; Old Age, Employment Insurance, Child Tax Credit, UCCB, GST Credit and Income Tax Refunds. NWC charges anywhere from 3-10%, which is not permissible at a bank;

Creation of regulations for Link Cards accounts, withdrawals and transfer fees – at the current rate, they are unreasonably exorbitant. Those who are unable to use credit cards or debit cards have no choice but to use the Link Cards for accounts or transfers;

Creation of regulations on Income Tax filings with NWC – H&R Block provides the service, NWC engages commission arrangement with H&R Block but NWC provides loans in anticipation of refunds, with interest rates and fees that are exorbitant;

Requesting retailers to find ways for further savings that would contribute in whole for more consumer spending leverage, such as the removal of 7% borrowing fee by ACL on individual community co-ops for merchandise;

7. Ask Honourable Shea Gail, Minister of Canada Revenue Agency, to consider;

a)Introducing tax deductions for hunting equipment – hunting equipment can be anywhere from $15,000 to $70,000 a year (snowmobiles, boats, outboard motors, ATVs, trailers, rifles, bullets, gas, oil, tents, wood for qamuti, wood for niksik, hooks, grub box, mattresses, sleeping bags, blankets, tarp, steel for unaaq and steel for hitch, ropes, coleman stoves, heating stoves, light lamps, fishing nets, ice hole machine, floats, hunting clothes (parka, windpants, boots, mitts, hats, goggles)/material/fur and other equipment).

Hunting is not a leisure activity in the north. It's the real-deal hunt for food; seals, caribou, moose, musk-ox, narwhal, beluga, walrus, polar bear, char, geese, ptarmigan, hare. Nobody hunts for trophies. This is a reasonable request. Workers who have to buy their own clothing for work purposes can claim expenses for the clothes.

b) Canada Revenue Canada can increase social welfare payments to reflect northern cost of living;

Old Age Pension
Supplemental Old Age Pension
Employment Insurance
Child Tax Credit
Universal ChildCare Benefit
GST Credit

c) Canada Revenue Canada can also increase income caps for eligibility of certain social welfare payments;

Northern income rates is treated the same as southern income rates, even though northern income rates are inflated to reflect cost of living – thus, someone who is making $55,000 a year in southern Canada is not eligible for Child Tax – similarly, someone who is making $55,000 a year in northern Canada is not eligible for Child Tax even though in reality that income is more akin to an uninflated income of $35,000 in southern Canada rates;

There are uniform income caps for all social welfare payments; Old Age Pensions, Supplemental Old Age Penion, Employment Insurance, Child Tax, UCCB and GST Credits.

The Northern Residents Deduction does not work as effectively as it should. It's only one person per household. There can be anywhere from 2 to 8 adults in a family unit (lack of housing). Only one of them can claim Northern Residents Deduction. Make it available to every adult person in the household;

Northern Residents Deduction only works if you are employed and receive a certain income. It does not provide much benefit to low income families or on income support assistance.

The rate increased from $5745 to $6011 maximum a year - a paltry $266 increase – even though inflation increased significantly and even though there were no rate increases for the deduction for decades. Hire a mathematician and financial auditor – do the math right. For instance, the Government of Nunavut increased the cost of living tax credit to a more reflective rate than the Northern Residents Deduction did.

Introduce Northern Residents Deductions for travel for hunting and camping and not just for southern air travel – ie those who receive VTAs as a benefit are eligible for the deductions but it is not clear whether those private sector employees who are paid 4% vacation pay pursuant to Nunavut's Labour Standards legislation are also eligible for tax deductions;

Review the application of GST in the north.

Northerners are the highest paying taxpayers on GST and pay double GST on applicable items. GST is applied on airline and shipping transport and then applied again in retail.

GST is supposed to be exempt on essential foods – this might not be the case when GST is applied during airline and shipping transportation of essential foods.

GST collection is also higher because items are priced 2-20 times higher than southern Canada prices. A $15 package of diapers in southern Canada would be taxed $0.75 GST but the same package could cost $33.00 in northern Canada and taxed $1.65.

Consider ways for exemptions of GST on airline and shipping transportation stage.

Taxing northerners at the current rates is overkill. There should be an assessment of southern income taxes for comparison and see what calculations can be made for a more reasonable and fairer system of taxing.

In conclusion, there is a causal connection to the Government of Canada's aggressive education policies of the 1950's and 1960's and food insecurity in the north. Inuit and First Nations were independent, autonomous and self-reliant before the presence of the Government of Canada. This was evident when Hudson's Bay Co. traded with Inuit and First Nations, because they discouraged settlement near their posts. The more they lived on the land and hunted for food, the more likelihood they would bring in fur for trade from trapping.

This all changed when the Government of Canada decided to force every child to attend school 'for their best interests to learn to engage in the [southern model] wage economy' and constructed schools around HBC posts and churches. This compelled families to move to settlements totally lacking in economy and into a state of government dependence. They could no longer hunt and care for their families as much as they used to.

Indirect forced settlement through massive student recruitment also congregated families, resulting in population booms.

The Northern Allowance and government food transportation assistance derives its' very root from its' recruitment of students; teachers and government personnel were given extra salaries with these to encourage them to come up north to teach.

Once the Government of Canada stopped its' damaging education drive, it began a housing program for every Inuit and First Nations family, making promises of better living. When it became too expensive, the Government of Canada stopped again. It left Inuit and First Nations families in the lurch.

Inuit and First Nations have been stuck in this government-created poverty cycle for decades, of which very little has been done to correct the wrong, except when Inuit and First Nations began suing the Government of Canada for their past mistakes. Very rarely has the Government of Canada taken initiatives to make right for past wrongs.

To casually state that the 'NNP is working' does not take into account the context of food insecurity in the north. Nor does it show interest to reach out for a true reconciliation.

I have not included Prime Minister Harper. I don't think he likes aboriginal peoples – I have never heard him say the word 'Inuit'. I think he has an undetectable aversion to Inuit and First Nations.


Alex Ittuq

P.S. – the following link provides photographs of northern food prices;


Leesee Papatsie, Feeding My Family and group members
Terry Audla, President of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
Sean Atleo, Chief of Assembly of First Nations
Sean Kennedy, President of Northwest Company
Bill Lyall, President of Arctic Co-operatives Ltd.
Oliver De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on Food Security
Bob Rae, Interim Liberal Leader
Thomas Mulclair, NDP Leader
Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, MP for Nunavut and Minister of Health
Dennis Bevington, MP for NWT
Romeo Saganash, MP for Northern Quebec
Senator Dennis Patterson, Parliament of Canada
Jean Crowder, NDP MP, Aboriginal Affairs Critic
Carolyn Bennett, Liberal MP, Aboriginal Affairs Critic
Louis Plamadon, Bloc Quebecois MP, Aboriginal Affairs Critic
Honourable Shea Gail, Minister of National Revenue
Honourable Christian Paladis, Consumer Affairs Minister
Honourable Diane Finlay, Minister for Human Resources and Skills Development and Pensions
Honourable James Flaherty, Minister of Finance
Honourable Tony Clement, Treasury Board Minister
Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Communities
Michael Ferguson, Auditor General of Canada
Mark Carney, Governor of Bank of Canada
Derek Fildebrandt, National Research Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation
Producer, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
Producer, CBC National
Producer, fifth estate
Editor, Globe and Mail
Editor, MacLean's Magazine

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Silence is not an option - Black Out Speak Out - protest budget bill C-38 - Yellowknife NWT

Silence is not an option.- Black Out Speak Out - protest budget bill C-38

Leave your comment like the Yellowknifer's do on their flags... here in the comments section... or just "like" the video or the photos... if you too "protest budget bill C-38"....

Still photos available via Flickr

Yellowknife NWT Black Out Speak Out video - protest budget bill C-38 - 
"...Our land, water and climate are all threatened by the latest federal budget. Proposed changes to Canadian law will weaken environmental rules and silence the voices of those who seek to defend them.
All of our voices are at risk.
Silence is not an option...."

Introduction 06:29
Silence 08:41
Speakers include...
Daniel T'seleie 13:14
Environmental activist. Lives in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Dene from Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories
Louis Little 16:42
Social Justice advocate.
Dr Courtney  Howard 19:44
Emergency Physician in Yellowknife & Mom
Canadian Physicians for the Environment member
Francois Paulette 23:08
Basic Info Joined Facebook 03/29/2010
Location - Fort Fitzgerald, AB
Affiliation - Dene Nation
Personal Information - Former Chief of Smith's Landing First Nation
Co-Chair of Dene Nation's Water Strategy
Dene Leader, Activist
Personal Interests: Environment, Hunting, Treaty Rights, and Northern Issues.
Contact Info
Bill Erasmus 26:36
Chief, Dene Nation
Contact Info
Closing 34:01

This Video

- Yellowknife NWT
- Monday, June 4, 2012
- WHEN: June 4th 12:10pm until 12:30pm
- WHERE: Greenstone Building, Yellowknife, NWT
Your democracy is being eroded. Come stand in silence on June 4th 12:10 pm in front of the Greenstone building to show your support for democracy.
If you are unable to stand in silence, we would like your message to be heard. Messages are being collected for flags. The flags will be brought to the event. These messages are anonymous. Message us!
Information: The current budget bill C-38 is a 450 page document that includes changes to over 70 existing laws. These changes impact all Canadians:
- New Canadians and their families through changes to immigration policies and the elimination of 280,000 current applications
- Pensioners with cuts to Old Age Security and an increase to the age of eligibility
- Our future generations with nearly one third of the budget focussed on weakening legislation that determines how Canadians monitor, protect, and regulate the health of ecosystem
Hiding these changes in a budget bill limits debate and undermines democracy.
What does YOUR Canada look like?
June 4th 12 noon
Greenstone Building
Stand in Silence
If you are unable to stand in silence, we would like your message to be heard. Messages are being collected for flags. The flags will be brought to the event. These messages are anonymous. Message us!
Join a committed group of organizations representing millions of Canadians as we darken our websites on June 4 in protest against efforts to silence your voice.
1. Change your facebook cover photo image - download here:
2. Update your status: "I'm speaking out for nature and democracy. I won't be silenced. Will you? #blackoutspeakout"
3. Sign up for updates and tools at
Our land, water and climate are all threatened by the latest federal budget.
Proposed changes to Canadian law will weaken environmental rules and silence the voices of those who seek to defend them.
All of our voices are at risk.
Silence is not an option.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Western Arctic Moving Pictures #video #NWT #YZF #WAMP #AGM June 30th 2012

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Western Arctic Moving Pictures <>
Date: 22 June 2012 11:10
Subject: WAMP: AGM June 30th
Western Arctic Moving Pictures would like to extend an invitation to the public and its members for its Annual General Meeting which will be held on Saturday, June 30: 2pm @ The Yellowknife Public Library Meeting Room.
Pablo Saravanja
President- Western Arctic Moving Pictures

Frozen Eyes Photographic Society of the #NWT Spring Newsletter

Yellowknife Old Town Soundwalk ! #YZF #NWT #audio #recoding #Oral #History

Yellowknife Old Town Soundwalk
The Old Town Soundwalk invites Yellowknifers to listen to the sounds of historic neighborhoods during the annual Ramble and Ride Festival.
Take a walk through Peace River Flats, The Woodyard and hang around Weaver & Devore corner to hear stories and sounds of these special places.
Oral history, soundscape and archival recordings..
If you have a story or memory to contribute of Yellowknife between 1930 and 1990, please get in touch.
Janna Graham 867.446.0514 or email
Facebook "Event"

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Inuvik #NWT #JOB: Summer TV Producer/Production Assistant

JUST FOUND Deadline for applications is Monday June 18, 2012.

Summer Producer/Production Assistant
The Inuvialuit Communications Society
Inuvik, Northwest Territories

The Inuvialuit Communications Society in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, is currently seeking applications for the position of Summer Producer/Production Assistant. This is primarily a supportive role, working closely with the Producer to facilitate production of a number of ongoing projects within the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. In addition, the ideal candidate will be able to work independently on one 30-minute documentary about Inuvik, NWT. Content will be aired on APTN across Canada.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain on-the-ground experience creating documentary films for television as well as experience the Western Arctic/Mackenzie Delta during the beautiful summer months.

Applicants must be independent, resourceful, outgoing, organized and comfortable taking initiative.

Deadline for applications is June 18, 2012.

Responsibilities include:
Logging footage
Transcribing interviews
Help organizing logistics for shoots outside Inuvik/within ISR
Assisting Producer/Director with script development
Assisting with editing
Help providing subtitles in Inuvialuktun/English (programs are bilingual – knowledge of Inuvialuktun is not required)
Providing general administrative and logistical support for production activities already in place; occasional production assistant work on location
As mentioned above, in addition to supportive duties, the right candidate will assume the lead role on at least one project and therefore must be comfortable behind the camera as well
Skills and qualifications:
Previous experience in film production
Strong research skills;
Technical experience with video editing – knowledge of Final Cut Pro is essential;
Experience logging footage;
Strong written, oral, and interpersonal communications skills;
Computer, internet and social networking competency;
Strong organizational skills, accuracy and attention to detail;
Ability to work both independently and as part of a team;
Creative and easy to work with, positive attitude
Valid driver's license
Access to own laptop is preferred (though not required)
This is a paid position. Salary will be determined based on experience. Transportation to and from Inuvik, and accommodation for the months of July and August will be provided. This is a full-time, short-term contract position, with the possibility of extension.
To apply, please send a letter of interest, CV, two references (contact information only), and an example of past work to
For further information, please email or call 867-777-2320.
All interested candidates are encouraged to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Harper government targeted Canadian artist Franke James for her green conscience, internal documents reveal

Here's a great article I just read about a Canadian artist who lost funding because her art criticized Harper. Not only did she lose funding, but the government actively campaigned her private sponsors until they also cancelled their donations (some up to $75 000).

Harper government targeted artist for her green conscience, internal documents reveal

"...Independent artist and environmental advocate Franke James has obtained over 1,500 pages of internal government documents revealing extensive discussion about her art and its effect on the Harper government's agenda.

Franke James, a Canadian artist and environmental advocate blacklisted by the Harper government, has obtained internal documents indicating Canadian officials worked behind the scenes to discredit her work.

An internal Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) media monitoring report from July 2011 lists James as "an inconvenient artist" ("une artiste qui dérange"), the headline of an article in La Presse. The document was part of the 1,500 pages of internal documents James obtained through Access to Information requests since August 2011. 

"To be on the list of hot foreign issues, it was just shocking," James said in a telephone interview. "I'm right up there with Arctic sovereignty and Afghanistan." ..."

Job: #Gallery #Arts Administration #Internship @ the #Yukon Arts Centre Public #Art Gallery


Gallery Arts Administration Internship


Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery



M Bradshaw  (


Visual Arts & Crafts




Yukon Territory




University (Undergraduate)


Full Time


Sep 18, 2012


Jul 31, 2012
By E-Mail:

Gallery Arts Administration Internship

28 weeks (September 18, 2012 – March 31, 2013) with a possibility of extension

Full time - $17.27 / hour (plus $0.72/ hour for health benefits)

The Internship will offer a 28 week work opportunity at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery in presenting/developing visual art exhibitions, managing art programs, and working in collection and arts administration. Particular focus for this job is event planning and coordination for special public events, workshops and community engagement through Culture Days, art talks, winter festival visual art events and assisting the Arts Centre with the upcoming National Museum Conference to be held in Whitehorse. Hands-on experience will be gained through working on exhibitions, events and education programs as part of the Gallery Team at the Yukon Arts Centre, with our programming partners in the community and directly with local and visiting artists.

A knowledge and understanding of the emerging artist community in the Yukon will be beneficial, as will the candidate's intention to build a career in the growing cultural industry sector.

Requirements: This position is funded through Young Canada Works and the Cultural Human Resource Council which states that students must be recent graduate who has graduated from college or university within the last 24 months at the start of employment; are between 16 and 30 years of age; legally entitled to work in Canada; and not be working 30 hours or more at another job. Students with disabilities, Aboriginal students and students who are members of a visible minority are encouraged to apply.

Applications (cover letter and resume) may be submitted by July 31, 2012:
Preferably by e-mail to Gallery Director, Mary Bradshaw,
Or by mail to Box 16, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 5X9
Or dropped off at the Yukon Arts Centre, 300 College Drive, Whitehorse

Donations for the flooded community of Nahanni Butte #NWT

Bea Lepine writes on Facebook from Hay River, NWT.... on Saturday June 16th, 2012
"....Flood donations for the flood community of Nahanni Butte - [...] need to get the word out to help the people of Nahanni Butte, ! I spoke to Alison De Pelham today who is acting band Manager for Nahanni Butte. She suggests cash donations at this stage - no idea yet what people will need when they return home and no place to store anything that we do donate at this stage. The people in Fort Simpson are helping with donations to tide the Nahanni Butte people over until they are able to return home. There is a trust account set up in the Fort Simpson CIBC - It is called Nahanni Butte Trust. If anyone in Hay River or anywhere wants to make a cash donation please make a deposit to the trust account at your local CIBC branch. For those organizing helping efforts in the different centres, would probably be helpful to contact Alison first - (867) 695-2990....
Tim Hortons in YK is accepting cash donations too!.."

Friday, 15 June 2012

Arlene Hache of the Centre for Northern Families on Voices North of Friday June 15 2012

Voices North 02 Friday June 15 2012 Webcast archive:
Arlene Hache of the Centre for Northern Families ....
Archived and viewable here
Approximately 15 mins in length..
Voices North on Twitter

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

#YZF #NWT's Frozen Eyes Photographic Society Annual General Meeting

Frozen Eyes Photographic Society Annual General Meeting

June 19th 2012 at The Peace Building 4910 50th St 7:30pm


Interested volunteers, board members, mentors and NWT youth photography supporters are encouraged to attend. Please join us for a recap on the previous year's events, learn about our projected goals for this coming year and discuss how you can be involved in improving photographic opportunities for NWT youth. We look forward to meeting new members and electing a strong board of enthusiastic supporters!


For more information please contact:

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Nunavut’s Qiniq gets bandwidth boost from Ottawa handout

June 08, 2012 - 11:46 am
Nunavut's Qiniq gets bandwidth boost from Ottawa handout
New $80 a month offering promises 1.5 Mbps

The Qiniq internet service in Nunavut, operated by the SSI Group of
Companies for the Nunavut Broadband
Development Corp. , began offering more
bandwidth June 4 thanks to a $10.7 million contribution from Industry
The money to pay for the extra bandwidth comes from an Industry Canada
program called "Broadband Canada: Connecting Rural Canadians."

The SSI Group is using the money to offer a new package branded as

The Atiigiallak plan, which costs $80 a month, offers download speeds that
burst up to 1.5 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 384 Kbps.

The plan comes with 10 gigabyte bandwidth cap. Users may buy more
bandwidth at a rate of $20 per GB.
The Atiigiallak plan is roughly equivalent in speed to Northwestel's High
Speed Iqaluit Ultra DSL plan, which offers bandwidth of up to 1.5 Mbps for
$119.95 a month.

Petition @pmharper @leonaaglukkaq to Address #food #insecurity & #poverty in #Nunavut to feed families #CDNpoli

RT @northern_clips: #Petition @pmharper @leonaaglukkaq to Address #food #insecurity & #poverty in #Nunavut to feed families #CDNpoli

Please join "Feeding my Family" (currently 15,703 members (5,999 new)) on Facebook to read stories and see images directly from Nunavummiut about how food insecurity affects our communities.

Over 70% of Nunavut families with children between the ages of 3-5 are food insecure. Poverty, climate change and high food prices mean that many families in Nunavut go hungry. The UN Rapporteur recently issued a report about Canada's 800,000 families who are food insecure, calling food insecurity in our country a "great concern". The Conservative MP for Nunavut, Leona Aglukkaq, shamed Nunavummiut with her immature and out-of-touch response to the UN Rapporteur.

"...That issue lies at the heart of hunger and want in Nunavut: low incomes...."

We, the people of Nunavut, deserve better from our federal government. Please sign this petition to ask for concrete, effective change that will address poverty and food insecurity in our communities.

Read the UN Rapporteur's report for yourself:
Read the response by MP Leona Aglukkaq:

Read an analysis by Nunavut writer and activist Jack Hicks in "Northern Public Affairs":

 May 30, 2012 - 12:25 pm

Two things you'll hate reading about


"....We don't know who, exactly, is responsible for composing Leona Aglukkaq's talking points.

But whoever it is, she should fire them. Or at least transfer her or him to a task where she or he may be less likely to inflict potentially catastrophic damage on the Nunavut MP's political career.

The phrase "talking points," by the way, is insider jargon for those lists of pre-scripted lines and phrases politicians must memorize and regurgitate on command. You've got it made when you can make your listeners believe you thought it all up by yourself and recite your lines with all the fake sincerity you can muster.

But this past May 16, when the Harper government brains trust sent Aglukkaq out to discredit Olivier De Schutter, the U.N.'s special rapporteur on food security, such techniques accomplished little for her or her constituents.

They, and Aglukkaq, forgot that if her Nunavut constituency were a country, it would rank 100th in the world with respect to life expectancy. A report containing those findings, done by a respected group of Ottawa-based social researchers, appeared just two days after Aglukkaq aimed her flame-thrower at De Schutter.

Bad timing, to say the least. The report found that, overall, Nunavut would rank only 38th on the UN's human development index, a measurement tool that combines life expectancy, education and income.

In a more thoughtful response, the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, in their submission prepared for De Schutter, pointed to a far more relevant issue than anything contained in the straw man abuse featured within Aglukkaq's rant.

That issue lies at the heart of hunger and want in Nunavut: low incomes...."

Please join "Feeding my Family" (currently 15,703 members (5,999 new)) on Facebook to read stories and see images directly from Nunavummiut about how food insecurity affects our communities.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

VOTE TARA! Join me in supporting Yellowknife's own Tara Newbigging

VOTE TARA! Join me in supporting Yellowknife's own Tara Newbigging, who is competing for a national BDC prize for young entrepreneurs.
Just go to the following link
and vote for Tara Newbigging and Fit 2 the T.
Tara is representing the Yukon, NWT and Nunavut.

Life-changing wellness

Building on the fitness wave that it has sparked in Yellowknife, Fit 2 the T aims to bring life-changing health benefits to other remote northern communities. In addition to in-person visits and workshops to introduce fitness events in smaller locations, Fit 2 the T also plans to develop a strong Web presence with enhancements like live streaming, webcast capabilities and access to live and taped web-based educational materials. "Life in remote communities can be hard on people and they try to find ways to cope," says Tara. "We want to show everybody that change can happen with minimal fitness resources."

Empowering remote communities

It's no secret that regular physical activity can help people prevent or manage health issues like heart disease and diabetes, but it's also a powerful mood and energy booster. "I've had the chance to visit some of these communities, where the need is great," adds Tara. "You don't need big fancy gyms and equipment; you just need a motivator who can inspire change. With the right technology components in place, I could fly out to remote areas, host workshops to get people going and reconnect with them via online tools."

Vote to give Fit 2 the T the tools to build wellness

"Fit 2 the T started out in the North four years ago as a small personal training company and it has grown into a major fitness wave," says Tara. "I love getting up every day and making people feel better, and I know I have so much more to offer. Vote for Fit 2 the T to help give remote northern communities the tools for a healthier lifestyle."

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Voices North Videos: The NWT Seniors' Society

Voices North Videos: The NWT Seniors' Society
Recorded at the 2012 AGM in Yellowknife's Baker Centre
The NWT Seniors' Society
Board of Directors
as of May 16, 2012

Beatrice Campbell
President, from Fort Smith
President for ten years involved
for fifteen.  Also involved in community
seniors group and various charities.
June 6, 2012 11:22am MDT

Marion Anne Smith
Hay River NWT
June 6, 2012 11:27am MDT

Alphonsine McNeely
Fort Good Hope, NT

Lillian Elias
Inuvik, NT

Julia Cockney
Tuktoyaktuk, NT

Barbara Hood
Executive Director
Yellowknife, NT

Voices North

For more information... please contact
Joy Newton,
Special Assistant
Western Arctic MP Dennis Bevington
"Joy Newton" <>,
867 444 0535

Call for Nominations: NWT Minister's Cultural Circle

Call for Nominations: NWT Minister's Cultural Circle
The Minister's Cultural Circle celebrates achievements and contributions of northerners who preserve and promote the arts, heritage and culture in the Northwest Territories. The Cultural Circle encourages awareness and appreciation of the importance of our diverse northern cultures.
Nominees are well-recognized and respected in their communities or regions for outstanding contributions in the arts and cultural promotion or preservation. The Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) is now accepting nominations for the Minister's Cultural Circle, for the following Categories:

Youth Category
Persons 25 years and under who demonstrate a strong commitment to participating in the arts, cultural learning and cultural practices.

Elder Category
Persons over 50 years old and recognized as cultural leaders by their community respected for their guidance, leadership, and vision in promoting the arts, culture and heritage.

Individual Category
Persons who demonstrates a strong commitment to the promotion and preservation of culture through participation in various arts, cultural or heritage related activities.

Group or Organization Category
Any organization, corporation, institution, committee or social club that plays a lead role in the development and support of activities that celebrate, promote or preserve the arts, culture and heritage.

Deadline for nominations is August 15, 2012.
Nomination forms are also available at: under the 'What's New at ECE' tab;
• The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre website
• your local band office; or
• A Regional ECE Service Centre
For more information, please contact ECE Public Affairs at (867) 920-3059 or



Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Real NNSL News @therealnnsl Not affiliated with Northern News Services Limited in any way

The Real NNSL News @therealnnsl Not affiliated with Northern News Services Limited in any way. Yellowknife #NWT #Nunavut #NWTpoli #YZF